Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

“I live and breath real estate. To keep on finding another good deal in times where it is so hard to come by is a very rewarding feeling,  both for us and our investors.”

– Gal Oron CEO

GO Property Management is a one-stop-shop for all your investment needs in South Florida specializing in property management and construction. Being performance driven we focus on diverse areas such as: risk-vs-return strategies, single-investor project management and joint-venture project management. Having a keen eye for on market and off market deals creates ideal investment opportunities for our partners.


We are specialists in all areas of real estate services in South Florida in both the commercial and public sectors, including purchasing, sales, leasing, rentals and management from start to finish. Our primary focus is building strong and lasting relationships with our investors to ensure long term financial rewards.

In the dynamic and ever-shifting South Florida real estate market, make sure you’ve got the best team of professionals in your corner. Look no further than GO Property Management – we’re your team!


Invest now in our latest project to yield amazing returns and be part of the GO team

Interested in investing with GO Property Management on their next project? Contact us and we will let you know what our latest ongoing projects are and how you an be part of them and yield amazing returns! Looking forward to hearing from you.