Construction Services

Construction Services

“There’s nothing I like more than sharing the end product with my client’s. Construction should be fun, however, any size project comes with it’s own set of issues and complexities. We take care of it all.”

– Gal Oron CEO

GO Property Management provides complete construction services using qualified licensed contractors. Our network of affiliates work to the highest standards allowing us to renovate and construct projects of all sizes and budgets.


With hundreds of successful projects completed to date, we pride ourselves in our professionalism, meeting deadlines and a proven risk-vs-reward ratio. The services include full property gutting, extensive renovations of interiors and exteriors and remodeling with dedicated contractors. We specialize in transforming properties to maximize their value for investors and homeowners.

In the dynamic and ever-shifting South Florida real estate market, make sure you’ve got the best team of professionals in your corner. Look no further than GO Property Management – we’re your team!


Invest now in our latest project to yield amazing returns and be part of the GO team

Interested in investing with GO Property Management on their next project? Contact us and we will let you know what our latest ongoing projects are and how you an be part of them and yield amazing returns! Looking forward to hearing from you.